The Derived Seminar

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During each talk, live notes are being taken. They are made available in ʜᴛᴍʟ.

25 April.— Model categories ɪɪɪ
Byung-Hee An (2 hour). html

18 April.— Model categories ɪɪ
Damien Lejay. Detailed notes: html
Mehdi Tavakol. html

11 April.— Model categories ɪ
Wanmin Liu. html
Cheolgyu Lee. html

4 April.— ᴅɢ-categories ɪ
Yoosik Kim. html
Tae-Su Kim. html

28 March.— Motivation
Seongjin Choi. html
Morimishi Kawasaki. html

21 March.— Category theory ɪɪ
Gabriel Drummond-Cole. html
Chang-Yeon Chough. html

14 March.— Category theory ɪ
Damien Lejay (2 hours). html

Quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando?


The participants to this seminar are members of the Centre for geometry and physics in Pohang. More than half of the members of the institute participate to the seminar. People from other institutions are welcome; feel free to send a message to the organiser if you are interested.


The derived seminar focuses on the homotopy tools encountered in modern mathematics such as model categories, ∞-categories or ᴅɢ-categories.


The seminar takes place in the friendly atmosphere of ᴄɢᴘ Hall. Precise information about the location of ᴄɢᴘ Hall can be found at the ᴄɢᴘ website.

Quibus auxiliis?

The course of the seminar will be based on several ressources including:

Furthermore, each talk will be transcripted and notes will be made available on this page.


The ᴄɢᴘ institute is divided into different teams with divergent interests: algebraic geometry, number theory, lagrangian geometry etc. Nevertheless, many of the members tend to use the language of categories and its homotopical flavours. As such, it is in the common interest of the members of the institute to be more familiar with the notions and vocabulary that is often pervasive in the literature. Derived tools are also an great intersection point of the interests of the different teams and this seminar should be useful to stem research collaborations.


The main idea of this working seminar is to make the participants learn new tools by using them. Hence the talks will be given — two at each session — by the participants themselves. They shall work out the details of the new material that will be presented in the following weeks.


The participants meet every Tuesday, from 13:00 to 15:00; right before tea time takes place.

The wish list

Here is a list of subjects that the participants wish to hear about during this seminar:

More items may be added to this list as the seminar evolves.


You can contact the organiser at: